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In the year 1910, a request for charter was sent to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, but for the reason it was only signed by members of a single electric company, the Charter was denied and they were told that it would take 13 signers.

So the attempt to make one electric company as the only union shop was given up and the Charter was sent for with 16 signers.  The Charter was granted on April 30, 1910, and was signed by J.J. Reid, President and J.M. Murphy, Secretary.

Then came the years of the "Big Split" in the I.B.E.W. and members of Local 226 found themselves terribly inconvenienced by being on the wrong side of the "split."

So in an early month of 1913, it was voted on to affiliate with the recognized faction and on February 26, 1913, a Charter was issued by P.J. McNulty, President and Chas. P. Ford, Secretary.  The 1913 Charter had 28 signers


So proud to stand together for work and family The heart and soul that's made this a better place to be.
  A voice that speaks to you and me.
  Stand with us, say "Union Yes."
  We're only as strong as the people who belong, 
  Their hopes, their dreams, their success.   
  America works best when we say "Union Yes."